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Sealed & Double Glazing 

We manufacture sealed units to BS EN 1279 This came into law in Feb. 2007 & we comform to part L / Document L For glazing. We have have been manufacturing sealed units for 21 year & can make clear patterned Georgian bared leaded & gas filled units. For replacement work or new frames. We supply retail & trade & would be happy to quote on any order The units can be made to any air gap from 3.8 to 19.5mm thick & any size made up of glass. 
Acoustic Glass 
All windows provide a certain degree of noise control but where noise is a particular problem choosing the right glass is critical in providing a solution to the problem. Several options can be chosen - high performance acoustic laminates, laminated glass, a thicker float glass or glass insulating units with a combination of these glasses. 
Low Emissivity Glass 
Emissivity is the rate heat is radiated through an item. Low emissive glasses have been developed to provide increased thermal insulation This has a coating on the surface that faces into the air gap of double glazed units. The microscopic coating of the pane of glass makes a difference to its performance by inhibiting the radiation of heat from within a room and instead the heat is reflected back into the room by the coating.  
Heat losses can be compared by their U values. The higher the U value the greater the heat loss. Ordinary glass has a U value of 2.8 and double glazing with Pilkington K as used by ourselves has a U value of only 1.9 which is considerably better than conventional double glazing. Low emissivity glass such as Pilkington K have been designed for use in double glazed units only. 

Design a Rocal Endurance Door  

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