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Glass Products 

Stained Glass, Picture Glass & Leaded Lights 

We make traditional leaded lights in house and have been making these for the past 20 years; both making completely new or remaking old damaged ones using the best of the existing glass. These can be made to the customer’s specification or we are very happy to discuss the design and coloured glass. Traditional lead lights are made by cutting the lead and shaping the lead to the design then fitting the shaped glass pieces in between the lead and soldering. They are then cemented in before finally cleaning ready for glazing. A new and alternative method of having a “leadlight look” is to have a stick on lead applied to a pane of glass, usually these are made to a rectangle or diamond look or to give colour a 'film' can be applied. 
Broken leadlights can some times be repaired in situe or taken out and repared on the bench at the work shops. Small cracks or broken panes can be repaired on site if the lead is not to badly broken. The cleaning of leadlights can also be done. 

Patterned Glass 

At Direct Glazing we stock our patterned glass from the Pilkington range. The various patterns differ in the amount of obscurity which are numbered from 1-5. 1 is the least obscure and 5 the heavier. Pilkington Glass sometimes delete some of their patterned glass and add new ones. Below is a list of the patterned glass obtainable at present. All are obtainable in 4mm thickness and some in 6mm also. But, for safety reasons, such as in doors they can all be ’toughened’. 
Oriel Range 
Oriel - Brocade 
Oriel - Brocade Textured 
Oriel - Canterbury 
Oriel - Canterbury Textured 
Oriel - Laurel 
Oriel - Laurel Textured 
Oriel - Ravenna 
Oriel - Ravenna Textur 
Traditional Designs 
Artic 4 
Cotswold 5 
Stippolyte 4 
Sycamore 3 
Autumn 3 
Flemish 2 
Current Designs 
Chantilly 2, Charcoal Sticks 4, Contour 4, Digital 3, Everglade 5, Florielle 4, Mayflower 4, Minster 2, Oak 4, Pelerine 5, Taffeta 3, Warwick 1 Rough Cast 6mm only 

Fire Resistant Glass 

Fire Resistant Glass from Stock 
6mm Clear Wired (GWPP) This has passed tests for integrity of 60 minutes in timber doors and 90 minutes in steel frames 
6mm Clear Wired Safety (GWPPS) This glass has a safety standard to BS 6206 Class C with and integrity of 60 minutes in timber doors and 120 minutes in steel frames. 
7mm Textured (GWC) This has passed tests for integrity of 60 minutes in timber doors and 90 minutes in steel frames. The glass is obscure. 
7mm Textured Safety (GWCS) This glass has a safety standard to BS 6206 Class C and has an integrity of 60 minutes in timber doors and 120 minutes in steel frames. The glass is obscure. 
7.5mm Prolight a clear laminated glass with no wire in and this gives a 30 min rating in the right frame. We also supply fire tapes and intermitted fire silicone for the glazing of this sort of glass. 
A variety of other fire resistant glasses are available to order. 

Clear Float Glass 

Direct Glazing both stocks, cuts and processes a large selection of float glass products - the name ‘float’ being derived from the way the glass is manufactured. 2mm float glass is mainly used in photo and picture frames. 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm float glass are commonly used in various glazing situations. In addition to the above we stock other sizes 5mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm and 25mm which in general are for more specialist uses. 
Laminated Glass 
We stock laminated glass in 4.4 and 6.4 thickness and can also obtain it in 7.5, 8.8, 10.8, 11.5 and other make ups on request. We carry glass up to 2540 x 1830 in stock and a full range of 4mm float. We can get toughned glass within 3 days in a working week. 
Horticultural glass 
This is 3mm thick and less clear than float glass as it is manufactured by a rolled process. We stock this glass in three standard sizes - 457mm x 610mm, 610mm x 610mm and the larger size commonly known as Dutch Lights 730mm x 1420mm. Normally these are sold in these sizes but it is very easy for us to cut them to the exact size required by our customers. (We also stock the 457 x 610mm and 610mm x 610mm sizes in toughened glass). 

Glass Art Work 

All designs are made by sandblasting and the use of stencils. Acid work can be done also. Any designs can be achieved this way. The work can be done on clear or mirrored glass, laminated and toughened glass. 
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